Sunday, April 19, 2009

Advice to those who give da'wah - Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahullah)

This is an advice I give to myself first and foremost and to my other brothers who give the da'wah.

Shaikh Muqbil said about the statement of Allah: "Have patience in a beatiful manner" It is important for a caller to Allah to have patience because he will meet the ignorant, the stubborn, the one who is jealous and the sinner. And I advice the one who gives da'wah to not go to the courts or the rulers if he is harmed from the people because this will keep him busy from seeking knowledge.

And then he mentioned the statement of Allah: "And if the ignorant speak to them they honourably avoid them." And Allah said: "And if they hear vain talk they turn away from it."

Translated from the book: Benefits from the classes of Shaikh Muqbil

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