Monday, June 1, 2009

The Conditions of Laa ilaha illAllaah

The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said,
"Whoever says La illaha illa-Allaah, it will be his salvation someday, no matter befalls him before that."
(This was reported by Bayhaqee, declared authentic by al-Albaanee in Ahadeeth as-Saheehah #1932)

Seven Conditions of Laa ilaha illAllaah:
1. Al-`Ilm (Knowledge of the meaning of the shahadah, its negation and affirmation, the opposite being ignorance)
2. Al-Yaqeen (Certainty perfect knowledge of it that counter-acts suspicion and doubt)
3. Al-Ikhlaas (Sincerity which negates shirk and riya)
4. Al-Sidq (Truthfulness that permits neither falsehood nor hypocrisy)
5. Al-Mahabbah (Love of the shahadah and its meaning, and being happy with it, rather than disliking a thing)
6. Al-Inqiad (Submission to its rightful requirements, which are the duties that must be performed with sincerity to Allah (alone) seeking His pleasure)
7. Al-Qubool (Acceptance that contradicts rejection)


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