Friday, June 5, 2009

ELECTIONS & VOTING: What do the Scholars say?

The Advice and Warnings of Ash Shaykh Ubayd Al Jaabiree

[Q]: “Is it permissible for the Muslims in the lands of disbelief to enter into elections and request from the Muslims to support them in this from the aspect [of being] from the lesser of the two evils or to repel the greater evil?”

[A]: I say: Elections are not from the Sunnah (the way of the Prophet) that is known by the Muslims and that which the Salaf traversed upon from the time of the Companions and the Imaams of the Taabi’een, and those who came after them. Rather, it is a newly invented matter in Islaam, so it is a bid’ah (innovation), and if it is a bid’ah (innovation) then it is muharram (unlawful).

However, if the Muslims in the West or other than it are compelled to enter into elections then there are a number of circumstances [to be present]. From them: That they will not receive any of their rights that are legislated in their country except by way of a representative to speak on their behalf. So if they are forced to do this and they have no choice, they either elect a man who is Muslim or lose their rights and have no one to hear their concerns. In this situation they elect a righteous man who is wise that will benefit the Muslims and look after their rights.

But if the Muslims were patient upon the hardships and loss of their rights in the way of abandoning this innovated matter it is better for them and more desirable. And Allah knows best.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: It should be noted here that the Muslims in the U.S. and U.K receive the same rights as other non-Muslim citizens. They build mosques, schools, and open centers of propagation without hindrance or opposition. Muslims openly call to Islam in publications, radio broadcasts, the internet, and in public forums whether on university campuses or in correctional facilities, in fact Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the West.

Muslim women can be seen on the streets of many cities in full hijab and Muslim men in Islamic garb and full beards, all of this with no obstruction from the authorities. All of these rights are afforded them without need of entering elections or voting.

Translation and Notes: Abul Hasan Maalik Al Akhdar

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Source: Salafi Talk


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