Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recollections from the recent Da'wah tour of England from our brother Abul Hasan Malik

What follows is Abul-Hasan Maalik's recollections from his recent da'wah tour of England. Included within this account of events are various benefits of 'aqeedah and manhaj and various glad-tidings for Ahlus-Sunnah. The author also alludes to the recent cries about the 'rise and fall' of the Salafee da'wah.

Included within this essay: was an atmosphere of learning, and how pleasantly surprised I was when the questions from the sisters came. They were detailed questions concerning affairs of creed, manhaj, worship and womens affairs surrounding the ruling of a woman traveling without a mahram to make hijrah (migration) or hajj. It reminded me of the statement the Muhaddith al-Albani (d.1420H) would often quote from one of the Salaf, "The good question is half the answer."

...The mosque was completely filled, and with no room, the people stood in the back to benefit. There was no one outside talking or mingling; the people came to hear the narrations of the Messenger of Allaah and write the benefits we read from the Scholars of this Religion past and present...

...Then by the permission of Allaah, we met a young man named Michael who was interested in Islam. We sat and dialogued with him and listened to his concerns. We did our best to answer those concerns for him, and by Allaah's permission, Michael repeated the Shahadatayn (two testimonies of faith) and entered the Religion of Islam.

...To show the level of diligence in the audience, when a few of them near the speaker's table ran out of paper to write on, they began to write down notes on napkins. After seeing this, I thought of something I read concerning the compilation of hadith in the early generations of the Ummah during the time of the Companions where the people would record the narrations on parchment, bark, and even the bones of animals.

...One of the things that most touched me was the many different colors and nationalities of the brothers there. I would look around and see Sumalis, Pakistanis, Arabs, Black Caribbeans and Englishmen.

...This group of tens of new Salafis reminded me that the da'wah continues to grow, in spite of those who talk about a fall of the Da'wah al-Salafiyyah.


Source: Sunnah Publishing


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