Monday, July 13, 2009

The Deceptions of Satan in Causing People to Fall Into Either of Two Extremes

An analysis of how Satan seeks out the weaknesses in the progeny of Aadam in order to make them fall into one of two adverse opposites.

Excerp from the article:

So from his (i.e. Satan’s) strange plot/stratagem is: that he will test the Nafs (soul) in order to see what it has with it. This he does to determine which of the two resolutions is a mainstay over it:

• The resolution of fearlessness and bravery; or:
• The resolution of turning away and abstention and contempt.

For if he sees that its mainstay upon the soul is: contempt and abstention, he then begins to hinder him and weaken his endeavour as well as his intent from that which he was commanded with. Thus he makes it burdensome for him, and so he demeans it upon him in order that he should abandon it – such that stage by stage he abandons it; or falls short in it; and so neglects it

Source: Salafi Publications


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