Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LIVE BROADCAST: Bradford Summer Conference 2009!

For those unable to attend the conference will be broadcasting on the Saturday the 25th July 2009, from the following times insha'Allaah:-
  • 12:30PM GMT United Kingdom
  • 1:30PM CET Central Europe
  • 7:30AM EST East Coast North America
  • 6:30AM CDT Central North America
  • 4:30AM PDT West Coast North America
  • 9:30PM EST Australia (Sydney/New South Wales)
MAC/LINUX/WINDOWS users can access this over the web via Paltalk Express (Requires Flash & Java) and access our room directly by clicking here!

Windows users who have the Paltalk client already installed need to go to the following room within Paltalk: Religion & Spirituality/Islam/The Albaseerah Centre LIVE

Direct URL to our Paltalk Room:

For more details about "The Afterlife Conference" visit

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