Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NEW DAWAH PROJECT: ISLAMIC INFORMATION PACKS Available NOW at the Salafi Bookstore Bradford!

Have you ever wanted to invite or teach a friend about Islam but not sure what to give them? Why not give an Albaseerah Islamic Information Pack? The pack’s content has been carefully selected to provide a simple overview of Islam whether the audience is Muslim or Non-Muslim. Even though the retail price of the packs value at over £10, they are being offered for only 99p with the intent that the pure religion of Allah is spread. Please aid this cause by buying a pack and giving it to your friend, relative or colleague.

If anyone wants to help fund the continuation of this project please contact 01274 395007 or email

Please note: The information packs vary in content depending on whether it is for Muslims or Non-Muslims

Islamic Information Packs For NON-MUSLIMS Includes
  • FREE English translation of Qur’aan
  • FREE Book: A Brief Guide to Islaam
  • FREE CD: ‘Islam, the Religion of Truth’
  • FREE Albaseerah Bookmark

  • The Corruption of Terrorism & Suicide Bombings
  • Mankind’s Greatest Need
  • Seven Fundamental Questions Regarding Islaam
  • Women in Islaam (separating fact from fiction)
  • Think for Yourself (Evolution)
  • The Man: Muhammad (salallaahu 'alaihi wasallam)

Islamic Information Packs For MUSLIMS Includes
  • FREE English Translation of Qur’aan
  • FREE Book: 'What a Muslim should Believe'
  • FREE CD: ‘Islam, the Religion of Truth’
  • FREE Albaseerah Bookmark
  • FREE Latest Copy of the Ark Newsletter

  • Mankind’s Greatest Need
  • Shirk: The Ultimate Crime
  • The State of the Ummah: Causes of Weakness & Means for Revival
  • Common Doubts Regarding Muhammad (salallaahu 'alaihiwasallam)
  • Magic: Explained in Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Islaam: Between Extremism & Neglect
  • Islamic Funerals: An Authentic Step by Step Guide
  • The Veiling of the Muslim Woman & It's Conditions
  • The Corruption of Terrorism & Suicide Bombings
Update: 21/08/2009: Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, we are at present unable to distribute dawah packs outside of the Salafi Bookstore in Bradford, United Kingdom as we do not have enough packs to fulfill international requests.

We will insha'Allaah notify all as and when we can distribute these packs both nationally and internationally via



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