Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Website from Salafi Publications -

The website is dedicated to documenting, explaining, clarifying and propagating the pure creed of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, who are none other than the Righteous Salaf, the People of Hadeeth, the Jamaa'ah, the Aided Group, the Saved Sect, all of these being synonymous terms and phrases for those traversing upon the way of the Companions during the first three-hundred years hijri (300H), and anyone who adhered to that thereafter. There is only one creed that Allaah revealed. There are not two or three divergent creeds.

The truth is only one, as Allaah is One, and His Book is one, and His Prophet is one, and His Deen is one, and that which the hearts hold onto of belief can therefore only be one, and that which unites the hearts and bodies can only be one, since the splitting and separation of the hearts and bodies simply follows on from the divergence and difference in the beliefs that reside in the hearts which are in those bodies.

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Anonymous said...

JazakAllaah Khairun for the info. I have just had a breif scan of the site and it looks very beneficial mashaAllaah - I shall spend more time on it later inshaAllaah.

May Allaah reword our brothers for their efforts and guide us all to the correct path. Ameen

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