Thursday, February 11, 2010

NEW LESSON: Starting this Friday in Bradford, 'The Foundations of Beleif'.

New Lesson Every 2 Weeks starting this Friday the 12th of February isha'Allaah.

Our Brother Abu Iyaad will be reading through the works of the book 'Usool ul Emaan' (The Foundations of Beleif'. Compiled by some of the scholars of Madeenah such as Shaykh Ibrahim al Ruhaili, Shaykh Abdur Razzaq al Abbad and Shaykh Saalih as Suhaimi (May Allaah Preserve them All).

To Accompany the lesson we provided a downloadable electronic version of the ARABIC ONLY book which can be DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING HERE.

The lessons are held at the Albaseerah Centre (Next to the Salafi Bookstore), 6-12 Green Lane (Off Lumb Lane), Bradford BD8 7SP.

For further enquiries or info visit or call Albaseerah on 01274 395007.


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