Friday, April 30, 2010

The Salafees are the Ones who Truly Love the Muslims and are Actively Working in Their Favour

In this past week:

A Salafee website notified me of a mistake on, which I fixed and then expressed my thanks to them.

I sent another Salafee website notification of an error in one of the translations available on their website, which they recognized, fixed, and thanked me for.

Just today, I alerted the administration of something in someone's post on salafitalk that was not befitting, and they quickly edited it before anyone saw it.

I know of important advice going on privately right now between Salafee du'aat about statements of errors they have made. The parties involved are all apparently interested in clarifying any and all errors and they are working together. This actually happens a lot, but it is kept private until the errors are publicly corrected, the issues clarified, and the brotherhood remains tight. No one ever hears about it.

My point in writing this is to offer my personal testimony that the Salafees are indeed practicing the hadeeth "The Deen is Naseehah," correcting, advising, and guiding, both privately and publicly. Don't be affected by the people who claim that the Salafees are out to expose people or put people "off the manhaj". The Salafees are always advising, correcting, and admonishing each other with good manners and true brotherhood. But occasionally, we find someone in the ranks that loves their status more than the Truth, and they refuse to correct their errors. So we may have to correct their errors for them to help them be free of responsibility on the Day of Judgement. And every now and then, you find someone who loves his position and status so much, that they refuse to be corrected even when all the people see their errors. Then, their contradictions to the Salafee manhaj become clear to the people, so they claim that the Salafees have been out to get them. The Salafees are not out to get people. The Salafees love the Muslims and are actively working for their guidance, like no other group of Muslims, by Allaah's Grace and Permission. They are the most merciful of the people to the people. And this is why their tongues are fierce against those who are misleading the Muslims. And this is why they point out the specific dangers on the road, because they love the Muslims and want good for them, wa lillaahil-hamd.

And if there is hatred in our hearts for those who cause corruption and confusion, spreading doubts about our 'ulamaa' and the manhaj of the Salaf, and this hatred is found on our tongues as well, then we thank Allaah for giving us this blessed EEMAAN.

"The most strongest of handholds of EEMAAN is loving for Allaah's sake and hating for Allaah's Sake"

And the Salafees are close to each other, and they have mutual respect for each other and each other's efforts. They are always communicating with each other, and their conversations are full of good: "What have you heard from Shaykh 'Ubayd?" Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan said in the haram…" "There is a new book by Shaykh Muhammad Aadam out…" "How is Shaykh Rabee's health…?"

And we thank Allaah for this good thing, and we ask Him to protect it and strengthen it, and increase it in benefit and barakah.

And the mashaayikh love the Salafees and are busy with their questions and concerns, and offering them advice and correcting their affairs. And the Salafees love to have those who are often more beloved to them than their own fathers from the 'ulamaa' correct them and guide them.

Here are some examples of things related to TROID and SPUBS that I have personally seen from Shaykh Rabee', may Allaah preserve and strengthen him:

He referred to the brothers at TROID as his "beloved ones" when they called for a tele-link.

He was asked about a non-Arab studying "Sharh As-Sunnah" by Al-Baarbahaaree, so he said, "No, this is not a book for beginners." He was told that it was a translation of Ar-Radaadee's tahqeeq, done by Aboo Talhah of SPUBS, to which he replied, "It was translated by Aboo Talhah, the one from Al-Maktabatus-Salafiyyah? Let him read it then, that's good."

He looked over TROID's list of speakers from their audio lounge and suggested some changes that were, of course, implemented.

And the shaykh takes his students to the side and admonishes and advises them in a fatherly way all the time!

Alhamdulillaah, the Salafees love each other, they love their mashaayikh, and their mashaayikh love them, and the hizbees burn in jealousy and gather together from each and every place to try to bring down all this good being established. And we ask Allaah to protect this da'wah and its people, and to return the plots of its enemies upon their own necks 1000 times over.

May Allaah increase us in our naseehah for one another, and may He increase us in humility and love for the Truth

By Moosaa Richardson

Source: Salafi Talk


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