Thursday, August 26, 2010

Donations for Flood Victims & Orphanage in Pakistan

Those wishing to donate for the flood victims in Pakistan can do so at the Salafi Bookstore in Bradford, We are also accepting donations for the Darul Imaan Orphanage in Pakistan. Details about the orphanage are available at

Address:  The Salafi Bookstore Bradford, 147 Lumb Lane Bradford BD8 7SP
Telephone: 01274 935007

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Umar’s Instructions on the First Night of Ramadan

It is reported that on the first night of Ramadân, ‘Umar – Allâh be pleased with him – would pray Maghrib, then say (to the people):

Sit down. Then he would give a small address: Verily the fasting of this month has been made a duty upon you, and standing in night prayer has not been made a duty upon you, but those amongst you who can stand in prayer should do so, for it is from the extra good deeds about which Allâh told us: so whoever cannot stand in prayer, let him sleep on his bed.

And beware of saying: I will fast if so and so fasts and I will stand in night prayer if so and so stands in prayer. Whoever fasts or stands in night prayer, he must make this for Allâh. And you should know that you are in prayer as long as you are waiting for a prayer.

Minimize any vain or false speech in the houses of Allâh (mosques; he said this two or three times). Let none of you fast a few days before the month (in order to avoid missing the beginning of the month; he said this three times). And do not fast until you see [the crescent of the new month] unless it is overcast. If it is overcast, count [the previous month] as 30 days. Then do not break your fasts until you see the night upon the mountain (i.e. you are sure the sun has set).

Source: Sayings of The Salaf

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Days to go, 44 BRICKS TO LAY...

As we approach the last 10 days of our fund-raising, here is where we stand:
For those of you who have been keeping up-to-date on our website will have noticed a dramatic change in the figure today. Alhamdulillah this is because of a group of our brothers who loaned us £50,000 pounds yesterday. Indeed he who has not thanked the people has not thanked Allah. We ask Allah to increase their provisions 10 folds and grant them the highest reward for helping us establish this Masjid of Sunnah. Jazakumullahu Khair ikhwaan. This has indeed given everyone a massive boost knowing that we are now a stone-throw away of reaching our target.

O our Brothers and Sisters. Maybe some day we will give a detailed account to you of the difficulties we have faced in trying to raise this money. A project which began as a dream is today becoming a reality. Allah has aided us and opened up ways and means that we simply did not know existed. We thank Allah azzawajal and ask Him to increase us in our blessings.

We want to end by launching our "44 bricks to lay" campaign. All we require is 44 of you to buy the last 44 bricks of this Masjid and we are done. Each brick costs £2000 each. We went to the conference in Birmingham last weekend and saw thousands of people. From amongst all the community in the entire world, all we require is 44 of you to buy 1 brick each. Now we know that this may be difficult for some. But to give you an idea of how we approached this then several brothers in Bradford committed to give a £2000 loan to us. But the responsibility of paying back that loan was not upon albaseerah, but upon each of them. So they then contacted all their family and friends, explored various fund-raising ideas to get that money back. What this scheme achieves is that we get the 2K immediately and you can then work throughout the year to get that money back into you bank accounts. So you loan the money to us and then pay that loan back yourself in your own time, without the burden of the loan falling upon us.

With it being the last 10 days we will now provide daily updates via all mediums. If you require immediate updates then please visit Whenever some money reaches our bank account we almost immediately update the figures on the website. We will also have a “44 brick” grid that will appear on our website by tomorrow Insha’Allah. Please do not delay in donating. Sometimes man is clouded with the following thoughts “I don’t need to give, I’m sure they will raise the money somehow without my help or input”. Indeed this is the dangerous mentality that prevents us from giving. By Allah the money we have raised today would not have happened if all of us thought like this. Rather our figures show that £10,012 pounds came through paypal and £57,487 pounds came through cash or bank transfer. Some people gave £5, £10, £20, £100, £1000, £2000 and £5000 pounds. This is how we achieved this. So we remind ourselves and all of you not to delay in donating. Jazakumuallahu Khair for all those who donated so far. Your efforts and reward is surely with your Lord, to whom you will return. 

Your brothers and sisters at Albaseerah