Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dawah in Bristol Requires Your Support!

Message from Our Brothers in Bristol

Your brothers and sisters in Bristol request your aid. By the grace of Allah subhanaah wa ta’aala Bristol has been blessed with a Masjid, a Quran School and most recently a Bookstore and Dawah Centre. The Masjid has been the centre of the community for years and has increasingly become overcrowded. This was even stated in a local government report that stated it is ‘the most frequented Mosque’ in South West England.

The Quran School was originally inside the mosque but due to high demand it has been relocated to its own building. It has 200+ students being taught 4 times a week each and has become known for its high standard. The Bookstore and Dawah has been open to become the contact point for non-muslims to dispel their doubts as well as catering for the needs of the large muslim community.

In the past two years the brothers and sisters in Bristol have been raising money for the expansion of the masjid. We have been doing this quietly and gathering mainly within the Bristol. We tried to suffice our need and Alhamdulilah we have £112,000 towards this project. However, the amount we need is £150,000 and the planning permission due to expire on 30th of January. We have been informed that a renewal of the planning permission is highly unlikely and not to expect it to be granted. This is why we need your help.

We do not wish to burden anyone so we have come up with a simple yet effective way to raise the money needed. We have set up a text service in which brothers and sisters can donate a small amount. We need everyone to do the following:-

Text the word ISLAM to 70800 – this will deduct a £3 donation from their next bill or pay as you go credit (UK only). Text everyone in your phone book and ask them to do the same.

Insha Allah, if every salafi brother and sister sends these two text messages we will raise all the money we are in need of.

May Allah ta’aala have mercy upon you, forgive you of your sins and reward you with good, ameen.


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