Thursday, June 13, 2013


Latest pictures: Collected the steel at about 11:30am this morning. The fabricators are coming in at 2pm. All the steel is now on site alhamdulillah. 


AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

It pleases us to inform you that after a 12 day campaign, we have raised all of the £35,000 required for the Masjid expansion. £3214 came in yesterday alone. May Allaah azzawajal reward those who donated yesterday with a mighty reward, accept their deeds and grant them success and happiness in this duniya and the akhirah, ameen. We ask everyone to supplicate for all those who aided in this campaign, giving in the way of Allaah. May Allah accept it from all of our brothers and sisters.

Time and time again the global community has shown that together we can make that difference. What was a mountain figure for the Bradford community alone became easy as the global community as a whole came together. We want to extend by mentioning how so many of the donations came from people living far far away. People who may not directly use the Masjid and its facilities, yet they gave their wealth for His sake. This is an example for us and something we learn from. 

We end by encouraging our brothers and sisters to aid the people of the Sunnah no matter where they may be. In the UK we have our brothers and sisters in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Slough, Leeds, Stoke, London and several other cities. Each striving to establish Masaajid and  Maraakiz to spread Allah's religion. We remind ourselves then you to help them just as you have helped Masjid As-Sunnah, Bradford. Their strength is our strength and their weakness is our weakness. May Allah make our actions sincere, may Allah keep us firm upon this religion, may Allah keep us upon the Sunnah, may Allah increase us in knowledge and action upon that knowledge, may Allah grant us unity and keep us away from splitting and differing, may Allah grant us a good end upon emaan, upon Tawheed. Ameen.

Our blog site will be updated constantly with the latest pictures and all developments in relation to the Masjid expansion. Thank you and Jazakumullahu Khair once again to each and every single one of you. May Allah raise you. Ameen.


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