Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Latest pictures: it took 6 people to carry this beam in


AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

We would just like to thank all those who are continuously supporting us by way of donations.  May Allah reward you with much good. Ameen. The Masjid work is progressing at a very fast pace and All praise be to Allah.

We are always looking at opportunities to generate money for the Masjid and its associated Da'wah projects. We announced only a few days ago of our new health store coming soon. Today we are pleased to announce another one of our projects currently in development: The website is in its BETA stage at the moment and will be going through ongoing changes within the next few months Inshaa'Allah. We also hope to provide a detailed plan of the next phase of the project titled 'Purchasing the building next door' within the next few weeks Inshaa'Allah.

Jazakumullahu Khair. 

Pictures from today:


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