Saturday, July 27, 2013

Response so far to purchasing the Building next to the Masjid

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Please read our previous announcement before reading this:

Since the launch of the campaign to buy the building next to the masjid, we have received very little by way of donations. This is something we anticipated as we felt people would not view this project with the same lens as when we campaigned for the Masjid. This is entirely understandable as in essence this campaign is not to purchase a Masjid building but to purchase a building that supports the Masjid by way of finances. But having said this, we feel that maybe we haven’t done justice in conveying the repercussions if this donation campaign fails. So we will now go into further detail.


  • The financial situation of albaseerah as a Da’wah organisation is at extremely dangerous levels. It is sitting in considerable debt and this debt is only increasing daily. When we say albaseerah, we mean the Masjid, the bookshop and all other activities relating to it. We have invested and taken risks but as we have always stated, the project has not matured. We need donations to lay the foundations. We are confident that if we were to purchase this building cashed, most of our financial difficulties would diminish.
  • Every year the Masjid costs approx. £64,000 to run. The £64,000 raised during last year’s campaign runs out in the next 2 months. This is exactly why we need to buy this building next to the Masjid – to generate money so that the Masjid becomes self-sufficient. Otherwise every year we have to run donation campaigns, something we do not want to do nor are pleased with.
  • The Shoora in Bradford have agreed that if we are not able to raise the money to buy this building then the bookstore and all operations within it will be closed down in December 2013 this year. This will mean that many of the Da’wah activities as well as the money generating avenues which occur from this building will cease.
  • It is a sad fact that Albaseerah as an organisation will have to completely scale down and concentrate its efforts on running the Masjid that’s it. Without finances many of our Da’wah activities will suffer and our progress will sadly weaken and Allaah knows best.
  • We have staff who are ready and willing to join us in our efforts to start an Islamic primary school but we cannot proceed. Why? We simply do not have the finances. For years we have yearned to start a primary school as we have always felt that this is one of the pillars that make a community. The upbringing of future Muslims needs to be at the heart of every communities concern.
  • Some may ask as to why we started a Masjid extension campaign when we knew we were in so much financial difficulty. The answer is simple. When the Masjid expansion began, the extension cost was quoted at £35,000. A member of the community arranged for all of this money to be raised. During the building works, the cost increased to £70,000 which means we had no choice but to raise this £35,000. The building work was in progress and we could not just stop work.
We would like to remind the brothers and sisters, that the Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhee was sallaam) was more generous in this month than any other month. We are extremely concerned that the outcome of this campaign may change the directions of the wind for Albaseerah. We ask all of you to support us and let others know about this crucial campaign for Albaseerah Bradford. We have always been transparent, telling you exactly how it is. You can email us, come and physically speak to us, phone us. We would like to iterate, running donation campaigns is not something we want to be doing year in year out. But up until this project does not mature, we have no choice. We ask Allaah azzawajal to aid us. The brothers have worked extremely hard over 13 years to get here. You have always supported us and we cannot thank you enough, May Allah bless you. We ask Allah that the success and progress continues as it has been over the years. Ameen. 

Please visit for ways to donate. We raised £650 since our last email.


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