Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another £1000 come in via Telephone

See PDF:

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Another individual has just donated £1000 via the telephone. May Allah raise this person, grant him/her firdous and forgive their sins. Ameen. These people not only make massive sacrifices but inspire others to give. We ask Allah to magnify their reward for being an example for us. Several other people have made smaller donations, we ask Allah to reward and bless them. Some people give £1 and some £1000 depending on their ability. We ask Allah to make all of this heavy for them in good deeds on yawmul qiyaamah. Ameen.

The figure of £63,873 raised includes a £25,000 pledge that a brother made. In a phonecall yesterday he was not sure if he could fulfill it. He will get back to us within 10 days. It would be a bitter blow lakin Alhamdulillah, many waves have come and Allah has aided us. The cash that we have in the bank physically stands at £38,873. We ask Allah to aid this brother to raise the money he pledged. Ameen. 

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