Thursday, November 7, 2013

£2794 has been donated since yesterday Alhamdulillah....‏

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

All praise be to Allah, approx. £2794 has been donated since last night, £80,550 to go. O Allah we ask you to accept these donations from our brothers and sisters and make them a means of them entering into Jannah. Allahumma Ameen. The following are all the updates from today as tweeted from our account:

Tweets and updates from today 7/11/2013 before 12pm:
  • We will be collecting gold and donations after the lesson this Friday by Amjad as well as Taqweems lesson in Leeds. Every week InshaaAllah
  • £200 donation has just come in via telephone. May Allah bless the individual......Ameen
  • One of our beloved brothers from Saudi has just donated £1000 via paypal. May Allah raise him and his family. Jazakallahu Khair
  • We are hearing of localised fund raising campaigns up and down the country, Nelson, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Ahlus Sunnah - one body!
  • Several updates and announcements Alhamdulillah: We are establishing drop off points for gold and silver around the country...
  • Drop off point 1: Alathariyyah, London (Brothers contact Abu Safiyya on 07715 705722, Sisters contact Umm Safiyya on 07773 288155)
  • Gold and silver drop off point 2: Masjid As-Sunnah, 654 Bath Road, Cranford, Middlessex, TW5 9TN. Other drop off points will be confirmed...
  • May Allah reward our brothers for their taawun upon birr wa taqwaa...may Allah aid them in their causes. Ahlus Sunnah striving together.
  • We encourage communities around the world to setup fundraising whatsapp groups amongst themselves. Several of these and we can reach target.
  • We have heard that some sisters created such a whatsapp fundraising group and raised £47,000 for our brothers at Spubs...MashaaAllah
  • Our beloved brothers at Masjid As-Salafi, Birmingham will be doing a collection for us on Jumuah. May Allah bless them, always aiding us!
  • We are also hearing of sisters organising events in Birmingham to support our campaign. May Allah aid them in this initiative.
  • One of our brothers from the du'aat has just transferred £1,244 pounds. We love him for the sake of Allah, may Allah raise him....
  • He leads us by way of example, May Allah increase his wealth. A true role model for all of us!
  • £2794 has been donated since yesterday Alhamdulillah. We have £80,550 remaining. May Allah accept the donations of all who donated. Ameen.
  • We need an average of £17,000 per week for the next 5 weeks to fulfill target. This means we still require approx. £12,500 by this Sunday.
  • Donate for the sake of Allah by clicking here, your wealth will surely not decrease:
  • Or call us on 01274 501736 and buy one of the bricks below.You can make a payment instantly via debit card:

Tweets from yesterday 6/11/2013:
  • An individual from Canada has donated £500 of that donation. Look at the love and care of the Muslims. Thousands of miles away..AllahuAkbar
  • A sister has just called and is willing to loan £5000 for 2 years. May Allah bless her and aid her.
  • A brother from Leeds has pledged to donate £4000. We have not yet added this to our figure up until we obtain the money. May Allah bless him.
  • Some of our brothers from Saudi Arabia are striving to collect money for us. May Allah aid them. Ahlus Sunnah - 1 body!
  • A group of sisters in London are working hard to support our campaign as they did with the Masjid As Salafi campaign in Birmingham.
  • A sisters funday is being organised for December in Bradford. The sisters will donate all the money towards the campaign. May Allah bless u.
  • A group of brothers are arranging a car wash at Masjid As-Sunnah car park. They will donate all the money towards the Masjid.
  • Sisters will be selling cakes after the talks every week for the next 4 weeks. A united effort to save the future of Albaseerah.
  • Together we can do this. We need to raise an average of £17,000 a week for 5 weeks. 16,000 still to raise before this Sunday..plz support us


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