Thursday, November 21, 2013


AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

All praise be to Allah, approx. £300 has been donated since yesterday, £29,929 to go. May Allah grant all those who donated with success and firmness upon the deen, ameen. See our twitter updates below since yesterday. 

Tweets and updates from Wednesday 9:30am to today 21/11/2013 before 2:15pm:
  • Please help us establish this Masjid Waqf, prevent the bookstore from closing down and safeguard the future of Albaseerah.
  • If we fail to reach the target and withdraw from purchasing the building, we will return the money to those who want it back....
  • Albaseerah will always remain transparent, if your money is not utilised for the purpose you gave it then we will contact you...
  • If you want the money back or want to give it to a different cause, this is your right and we will respect that.
  • But we ask Allah that we are able to raise the outstanding £29,929. Help from each and everyone of you is needed in this hour of need.
  • Donate for the sake of Allah yaa ikhwaan wa akhawaat. Albaseerah as an organisation has tried its best to call the people to Allah.
  • We want to continue this work for many many years but an infrastructure needs to be built and purchasing this building is at the core of it.
  • There are 19 days remaining....sadly time is against us but we have trust in Allah. May Allah grant us all the ability to give.


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