Wednesday, November 27, 2013

£6950 has come in since yesterday....‏

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

All praise be to Allah, approx. £6950 has been donated since yesterday, £11,942 to go. May Allah reward all those who donated with firdous, Ameen. We had a massive donation of £5000 from our sisters from London, May Allah bless them. They have donated £10,000 in the last 1 month. Please see our tweets from yesterday and today which has all the details:

Tweets and updates from Monday after 11:00am to today 27/11/2013 before 10:50am:
  • Overnight 2 donations of £100 were made. JazakumaAllahu Khair.
  • One of our brothers from Saudi donated another £200. May Allah reward him and aid him. Ameen.
  • Finally we recieved another big donation of £2000 from a person. We have no idea who this person is but we do know he/she has donated a lot.
  • This is not the first £2000 that has been donated by this individual...we ask Allah to grant this person paradise and increase his wealth.
  • FUNDAY UPDATE: After obtaining feedback from our sisters, food will also now be available for the men on the funday Inshaa'Allah
  • We have made this decision to encourage whole families from outside cities to travel for the funday i.e. Manchester, Nelson, Leeds etc.
  • The bookstore will be open throughout the period and brothers will be present in the Masjid throughout the event...we welcome your company.
  • Alhamdulillah a sister just rang and donated £1000 via the phone. May Allah grant her and her family success and happiness...Ameen.
  • Another £300 was donated by a sister. May Allah bless her and reward her. Ameen.
  • The rooms are almost ready as the Funday draws closer. We have also ordered a batch of Canadian 2 piece jilbaabs for the sisters...
  • These will be available on the funday Inshaa'Allah.
  • An amazing effort....our sisters from London donated another £5000 yesterday. This is on top of the £5000 they donated a week ago....
  • Thats £10,000 by a group of sisters from London, an example for everyone of us.
  • Words of appreciation could never do justice. We ask Allah to grant them firdous, grant them happiness in the duniya wal akhirah....forgive them their sins, make their ending good - upon istiqaamah. Ameen. JazakunnaAllahu Khair. Your reward is with Allah.
  • We also thank our brothers from Athariyyah for their support in this also. Jazakumullahu Khair yaa ikhwaan. Hafithakumullah.
  • We also had a £150 and a £500 donated last night, May Allah bless whoever donated, JazakumaAllahu Khair.
  • That means £6950 has come in since our last update yesterday morning. Allahuakbar. £11,942 to go.
  • Only a few bricks are now remaining. We are slowly bringing colour to the background image as we get closer to our target..
  • Donate for the sake of Allah yaa ikhwaan, we hope that at this rate we can even target and become debt free.
  • A gold, silver and cash donation drop off point has been offered by our brothers in Nelson, this Friday 29th December. May Allah aid them.
  • There is a lecture by Abu Muadh Taqweem, please attend + donate for the sake of Allah.
  • Please do not forget to tell your families and friends and bring them to the funday.
  • We are Inshaa'Allah planning some weekend seminars with our brothers Abu Iyaad Amjad and Abu Khadeejah....
  • Overnight stay at Masjid, breakfast, projector, handouts - quite an exciting project - COMING SOON INSHAA'ALLAH.


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