Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All the latest updates regarding the Masjid As-Sunnah Waqf Project

Tweets and updates from yesterday 12pm to today 12/11/2013 before 10am:
  • £101 pounds was raised by our brothers in Leeds on Sunday. May Allah bless them. A strong bond between Leeds and Bradford spanning a decade!
  • Several donations totaling approx. £300 came in through Paypal yesterday. May Allah reward all those who donated. Ameen.
  • A person rang all the way from Oman and donated £200 for the project. May Allah aid and grant this individual success. Ameen
  • The sisters are actively planning the funday scheduled for 1st Dec. So far 3 local businesses have agreed to financially support it!
  • Total raised since yesterday, £600. We need to raise another £15,000 this week. Support Albaseerah so that generations benefit Inshaa'Allah
  • Visit http://www.albaseerah.com  or call 01274 501736. We truly feel a global support yet again, May Allah aid all of you. £66, 017 to go.
  • A brother from Manchester came and donated £50. May Allah reward him.
  • £340 has come in through cash donations via SalafiBookstore, Bradford. May Allah reward all those who donated. Ameen.
  • £65,747 to raise and 4 weeks to go. Buy a brick now yaa ikhwaan wa akhawaat. 65 people, £1000 each. Donate now
  • Alhamdulillah one brother has just donated £5000 towards the project. May Allah azzawajal grant him success and increase his provisions.
  • An encouragement ikhwaan and akhwaat for us to sacrifice that which is beloved to us for the sake of Allah. £60, 787 to go....
  • Help prevent Salafibookstore from shutting down and help build a sustainable fund generator for Masjid AsSunnah for decades Inshaa'Allah
  • Your can drop off your gold or silver at Salafibookstore, Birmingham, Al-Athariyaah (Abu and Umm Safiyya), Masjid As-Sunnah, Cranford...

Tweets from Saturday and Sunday 9/11/2013 and 10/11/2013:
  • £2000 was donated by 1 individual yesterday. May Allah grant him/her firdous, Ameen.
  • Then another £300 came in by one individual, May Allah grant him success in the duniya and akhirah. Ameen.
  • Several other smaller donations came in Alhamdulillah, May Allah reward all those who donated. Ameen.
  • And less than an hour ago, another £1000 was donated via Paypal. May Allah grant this person happiness and istiqimaah. Ameen.
  • Approx. £3555 has been raised since yesterday Alhamdulillah. See attached image: pic.twitter.com/CpwjhO1OKF
  • This means we have reached this week's target of 17k. Week 2 starts tomorrow - target 17k. We have already raised 1.5k for week 2.
  • Donate for the sake of Allah O Ahlus Sunnah. We are confident that together we can do this. May Allah bless all who donated. Ameen
  • Buy a brick now or donate less than it. Visit http://www.albaseerah.com  or call 01274 501736 to donate: pic.twitter.com/JKHyG4BYlD
  • @AbuMaryamT visited us in Bradford this evening and dropped off £950 that was raised last Jum'uah at the Salafi Masjid Birmingham. JazaakumAllaahukhair AhlusSunnah Birmingham!


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