Sunday, November 17, 2013

Approx. £10,883 raised since our last update yesterday...‏

Tweets and updates from Friday 12pm to today 17/11/2013 before 5:46pm:
  • Several donations totaling approx. £300 have come in through paypal. Jazakallahu khair.
  • Another £250 paypal donation has just come in. May Allah grant this person success.
  • We apologise for a delay in updates, a lot has happened since Friday Alhamdulillah...
  • Firstly the £5000 has now come through from our sisters in London, May Allah reward them for this amazing initiative. Ameen.
  • A group of brothers from Saudi Arabia pledged to give £3500. Some of that has been collected whilst some is outstanding....May Allah reward them for their support and accept their donations, Jazakumullahu Khair yaa ikhwaan.
  • A wonderful conference in Leeds yesterday with a wonderful atmosphere. A total of £400 raised. May Allah reward our ikhwaan in Leeds. Ameen.
  • We also has a £2000 donation yesterday from someone via bank transfer. We ask Allah to grant this person the best in the dunya walakhirah
  • Also several donations via Paypal and bank, Jazakumullahu Khair to all those who continually support this project.
  • A total of £10,882 raised since our last update on Friday, Alhamdulillah. Your efforts are bringing us closer to the target...
  • £38,593 and 22 days to go. Donate for the sake of Allah. Visit  to donate now or call 01274 501736.


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