Friday, November 15, 2013

Approx. £3457 raised since yesterday...‏

Tweets and updates from yesterday 10:10am to today 15/11/2013 before 12:08pm:
  • A brother pledged to give £1000 yesterday. May Allah remove his difficulties and cure his sick through this sadaqah, ameen.
  • After benefitting from a beautiful lecture on the life of 2 mighty and noble companions and their service and sacrifice for Islaam, the brothers and sisters yet again acted with amazing support....Gold...Silver...Cheques....and wods of Cash from Manchester, Nelson, Bradford and other cities. A total of £2805 raised + jewellery. Cooperating upon birr and taqwah! JazaakumAllaahukhair
  • We have quite a few tweets to send so please be patient with us. A total of £3457.61 was raised yesterday alone, Allahuakbar.
  • The lesson by Taqweem inthe Masjid was packed with ppl. A brother came in the end and handed £1000. May Allah raise him and his family.
  • Then one of our beloved brothers gave us £1200 raised by him and some sisters in Manchester. We ask Allah to accept every penny from them.
  • We then had some donations come through Nelson via Taqweem, May Allah bless those who donated. Ameen
  • We then had a brother and his family come all the way from Huddersfield to give us some cupcakes. Approx. £100 raised. May Allah bless them.
  • We then had had several paypal and BACS donations ranging from £20 to £300. We also has several other donations after Taqweems talk.
  • Some sisters also came to the bookshop and gave over £100. We ask Allah to reward all these people abundantly.
  • What amazing support from AhlusSunnah, the atmosphere at the Masjid and Bookshop yesterday was something special..May Allah preserve it.
  • The sisters are busy planning the funday, may Allah make it easy for them. A real busy 3 weeks ahead of us but we looking forward to it..
  • For being given the opportunity to do good, being given the opportunity to aid the deen of Allah is a blessing in and of itself...
  • For we only benefit ourselves and our hereafter. If we are not busy aiding the deen of Allah, we will be busy with something else.
  • We would also like to take this opportunity to specifically thank a group of sisters from London we understand..May Allah grant them firdous
  • They have so far raised £5000 which has been transferred to our account but we are awaiting confirmation of it, hence have not added it.
  • These sisters are working hard to raise another £5000 and beyond. By Allah, we are humbled by their efforts...
  • The efforts and striving shown by AhlusSunnah, we have not seen anything like it. May Allah reward you and grant you success. Ameen.
  • £49,475 to go and we have not yet added this £5000 or another £1000 pledged by a brother from Leeds. Allah is the Provider.
  • Donate now yaa ikhwaan wa akhawaat, we are nearly there Inshaa'Allah. Visit


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