Saturday, November 9, 2013

Approx. £3761 raised since yesterday...‏

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

All praise be to Allah, approx. £3761 has been donated since yesterday, £70,173 to go. What a packed day yesterday, cakes and food sold after jum'uah and after Amjad's talk, gold donated, Athariyyah fund raising in London, several Paypal and bookstore donations. May Allah reward all those who are constantly donating and supporting us. We are humbled by all of your efforts. Jazakumullahu Khair. 

If 1 person buys a £2000 brick or 2 people buy £1000 bricks, this week's £17,000 average target reached! We need £17k per week to deadline.
The following are all the updates from yesterday evening and today as tweeted from our account:

Tweets and updates from yesterday 12pm to today 9/11/2013 before 11am:
  • Maashaa'Allah awesome atmosphere after jum'uah on brothers & sisters side. Some lovely samosas & cakes. More tonight:
  • May Allah reward all our sisters who worked hard to make the food and set things up. True support and unity is in the air....
  • Total raised from food and Jumu'ah approx. £350. Alhamdulillah.More of the same food tonight! All towards the project
  • Several donations of £50 and £20 have come in = total £120. May Allah reward you. Total donations today stand at approx. £600 Alhamdulillah.
  • Another £50 via the phone. May Allah make it heavy on this brother's scales on yawmul qiyaamah. To donate via phone, call 01274 501736
  • Just got a message from our brothers at SalafiPublications, Masjid As-Salafi. They raised £950 after jumuah for us....
  • May Allah reward them and aid them and grant them success for their support today and for the last 13 years. We love them for Allah's sake!
  • Another brother has just walked into the shop and donated £100. May Allah bless him.
  • We need £4359 more by this sunday to meet our average target of £17,000 per week up until the 11th December.We have raised £12,641 this week
  • May Allah accept every penny from our ikhwaan and akhawaat who donated. Allahumma ameen.
  • Some good flurry of activity at Abu Iyaads dars this evening: £800 Gold bullion donated via Middlesborough. £600 cheque. £450+ from sisters cakes and general donations. JazaakumAllaahukhair ahluSunah!
  • May Allah reward our sisters from Bradford and especially those who brought the food all the way from Nelson and Leeds to aid our cause.
  • O brothers and sisters at Alathariyyah. May Allah bless you and reward you for your support. £586.21 raised by our them. One body!
  • Approx. £3761 has come in since yesterday. May Allah reward all of you who donated. Your support humbles us and we thank you sincerely.
  • If 1 person buys a £2000 brick or 2 people buy £1000 bricks, this week's £17,000 average target reached! We need £17k per week to deadline.
  • Donate now by visiting  or call us on 01274 501736. Donation like opens at 12pm Inshaa'Allah.


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