Thursday, November 14, 2013

Approx. £609 raised since yesterday...‏

Tweets and updates from yesterday 10:30am to today 14/11/2013 before 10:10am:
  • A £150 paypal donation has just come in. Jazakallahu Khair.
  • Several online donations totaling £609 came in since our last update yesterday. May Allah reward the people who donated abundantly.
  • We have £52,927 to go and 25 days left. Brothers and sisters, every penny you donate will make a difference to the outcome of this campaign.
  • Spread our campaign far & wide. We have 5000 followers on this mailing list and our tweets get retweeted a dozen times, Jazakumuallahu Khair
  • If half of the followers (2500) gave £20 each,our target would be fulfilled today. Become one of those 2500 now
  • The outcome of this campaign has far reaching implications yaa ikhwaan wa akhawaat that documents, tweets don't truly justify....
  • Today we are here, tomorrow we are gone. What we leave behind is that which counts. Ahlus Sunnah need to strive to lay these foundations...
  • We humbly ask you to supplicate for the success of this project on this day whilst you are in a state of fasting, May Allah bless you.
  • We have a gold & silver and donation drop off opportunity tonight at Masjid as-Sunnah. Talk: The Life of Uthmaan and Ali. 7:30pm InshaaAllah


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