Monday, November 4, 2013


After several meetings and a whole community meeting yesterday we present to you the following outcome:

  • The brother who pledged £25,000 is now very unlikely to fulfil his pledge. The ‘amount required’ figure has therefore increased considerably. This is a big blow for us.
  • This building will not be a waqf (financially support the Masjid) unless the building is 100% cashed and owned by Albaseerah soon. We have therefore raised the target figure to £125,000. The remaining £60,000 will be raised by 15 brothers in Bradford giving £1000 each every year for 4 years. In the interim, we require a loan of £60,000.
We have £85,178 to raise within 1 month. It has dawned upon us now that to raise this figure will be extremely difficult but we have not given up hope in Allah. Brothers and sisters we make this emotional request to you to help us out in this darkest time in the history of Albaseerah. We have never ever been in such a predicament, ever. Let us for a moment share the consequences if we fail to purchase this building, no exaggerations, no painting a picture worse than it is, simply hard facts:

  • Albaseerah started in 2001 and we opened SalafiBookstore in 2004. Salafibookstore has been what we consider the heart of our community. It has been the hub for the Salafis and a medium of spreading knowledge and books for nearly a decade. Failure to purchase the building will result in SalafiBookstore, Bradford shutting down. We consider Salafibookstore to be the heart and soul of our community. To appreciate the impact of it closing down we ask you to picture Birmingham without its Salafibookstore. For anyone who has visited our beloved community in Birmingham will know exactly what Salafibookstore has brought and brings to Birmingham. It closing down would be unthinkable; likewise our Salafibookstore has the same level of impact and importance but on a smaller scale in terms of community size. Everyone connected to Albaseerah Bradford will be absolutely devastated as we know that a community hub and a beacon for the dissemination of knowledge will shut down after a decade.
  • Masjids are expensive to run. Gas, water, electricity bills, maintenance and repairs, imam salary (1 imaam) all add up. The only form of income is general donations, jumuah donations and money raised through Qur’aan school fees. The outgoing is far greater than the income so we will be in a £12,500 loss every year. Every single year we will have to rely on donations to bridge this £12,500 deficit. The Masjid Waqf was the sustainable solution that we planned for years.
  • This point may not be relevant to everyone but as part of our policy of transparency we feel it is important to mention this. Active Masjids and Da’wah organisations don’t simply require finances but a great deal of manpower. Let us give a glimpse of what Albaseerah as an organisation has to deal with on a day to day basis: 1 . IT and marketing issues: Technical problems, maintaining 3 of our websites, designing, advertising, marketing etc. 2. Masjid management: Day to day queries, Qur’an School management, salawaat cover, administration and paperwork, project managing the recent masjid expansion, maintenance, dealing with community problems, organising events and talks etc. 3. Bookstore/Down to Earth/Educating Muslims management: Maintaining these 3 social enterprise entities, sourcing new products, overlooking staff, promotions, administration etc.
The above is only meant to give an appreciation of the need for full-time human resources as well as finances. In light of our recent review, the members of staff who were dealing with the above affairs will be made redundant on the 31st December 2013. This will have a massive impact on the activities within the community. We wish we could maintain the project on a part time voluntary basis but the demands of the organisation are simply too great. Hence, Albaseerah will have to scale down systematically.

Brothers and sisters we are absolutely certain that in this world there exists people who Allah has blessed with a lot of wealth and who have the ability to donate large amounts of money to us. We do not underestimate or belittle smaller donations as Allah knows whose deeds will be greater in the sight of Allah. We simply emphasise larger donations as time is running out, we have just over 4 weeks so need something massive to achieve our target. We plea to our community of brothers and sisters to help save Albaseerah as an organisation, an organisation we pray has called sincerely to the deen of Allah for over a decade. Donate £2000, £1000, £500 or whatever you are able. We ask you to contact your family and friends and leave no stone unturned in helping us reach this target. We also make a plea to centres up and down the country and world to support us through localised campaigns in this final hour of need. Allah is our witness that we are not exaggerating our circumstances, come and speak to us, phone us if you have any queries that we haven’t answered.

We would also like to state that if we fail to reach our target we have a record of the majority of people who donated. We will give you the option to take your money back if we fail to reach our target. We do not want to keep the people’s money if it does not go towards the place it was intended for. Please leave your name and contact number if you make a telephone donation. All Paypal donations are tracked anyway. Regarding bank transfers then please send us an email at so we can log your details next to your donation. We are also looking for £60,000 worth of loans for approx. 4 years so please contact us if you are able to help in this area.

Please visit
 and donate now. Please spread our campaign far and wide. Please make dua for us in the biggest challenge Albaseerah has faced in its entire history. Your reward is with Allah. 





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