Wednesday, December 11, 2013



Asalaamu 'alaykum.

Shortly after midday 11th December we received communication from the vendors agent that the building owner no longer wishes to sell at the agreed price of £150, 000.

Innalillahi wa inaa ilayhi rajioon.

Due to the issue of lease registration not being actualised the obligation for him to sell has been disolved. Allaahul musta'an. We are having emergency meetings and deciding on our next course of action and exploring other options.We are very confident and hopeful that despite the oversight this is a blessing from Allaah. Bi laa shak. So we please ask that you continue as you have, with your duas, support and  constructive advice at this time of difficulty.

And to conclude with what The One, Allaah The Most Powerful, The Most Wise who blessed Albaseerah through you with over £191, 000 with says: "Makaroo wa makarallah, walahu khairul makireen"


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