Monday, December 2, 2013


AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Allah is the greatest. Yesterday we raised a total of £23,000. The following is a summary:
  • Funday event - £3000
  • A brother from Wigan - £5000
  • Gold donated from a family in London - £5500
  • A whatsapp initiative between the Bradford brothers last night - £9000
  • £500 paypal and other donations
What can we say, we are speechless. We ask Allah to accept every penny from those who donated and grant them the company of the righteous in Jannah, Ameen. The Funday was remarkable in every sense, Da'wah, activities, sisterhood - amazing environment. May Allah reward all our sisters. We truly thank them. 

After raising the 9k last night from Bradford, the same family has made another pledge. The family is willing to add another 50% to all donations up to 15k. This means if we as a global community are able to raise 15k, this family will give £7500 on top of that. This would mean 22.5K. Ikhwaan let this be one final initiative to support and donate for the sake of Allah. We are now confident we can reach the £185,000. But we need your help in these last few days. We want to complete the purchase of this building in the next 2 weeks Inshaa'Allah. The brother who will give 50% on top has given us until this Friday 6th December 9pm (After Abu Iyaads dars). TO SUMMARISE: IF WE RAISE £15,000 BY THIS FRIDAY, A BROTHER WILL GIVE £7500 ON TOP OF THAT. DEADLINE: 9PM THIS FRIDAY. DONATE FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH YAA AHLAS-SUNNAH....MAY ALLAH GRANT US ALL THE ABILITY TO GIVE...

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